Eventilla has been used to run thousands and thousands of events since the founding in 2010. The founders Mr. Markus Haataja (CTO of Eventilla) and Liana Technologies CEO Mr. Samuli Tursas had noticed the same thing in their own companies: Clients commissioned event sites and registrations for each event from scratch. Why not develop a cloud based service that would handle the annoying manual work for the client, letting them focus on the event.

The idea was quickly proven to be succesfull. Companies do not want to waste time manually handling each registration and related tinkering jobs. Small tasks that accumulated over time in client companies was actually a lot of time missed until Eventilla started to help save time and allowing people to focus on the event content instead.

Over the years the initial business idea has stood its ground. More and more companies, organizations, associations and so on have stopped wasting time and money and swithed to using Eventilla thus gaining better service. Event marketing has become more and more important as events are spearheading content marketing in many organizations. Eventilla has proven to be the winning horse with the close co-operation and native integrations to marketing tools developed by Liana Technologies.

Companies see their events not only as flagships of content marketing but as a part of their client life cycle, that they boost with marketing automation. Eventilla is in the forefront of this emerging markets with LianaCEM™ marketing automation integration.

At the end what matters it that the client company can focus on running the event and client relationship and that technology just works. That is why we proudly keep on impoving Eventilla and continue to serve you.

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