Event management for Pipedrive

Event Management tool for Pipedrive CRM

Eventilla is an event management tool online. Eventilla’s Pipedrive integration combines CRM with event participation data. With the Pipedrive integration you can bring event data automatically to CRM operations. Turn your event participants into useful leads!

Turn your event data into useful leads

  • Create brand-like events. With Eventilla you can create brand-like events, live and online. Manage registrations, communications, reports, and payments easily online.

  • From participant data into leads. Eventilla’s Pipedrive integration moves the participant data, such as registrant information, participation status and registration form fields, into Pipedrive CRM system as leads.

  • Combine data in Pipedrive. Event management integration checks if the registrant is already saved as a person in Pipedrive, and if so adds data about the event participations directly to the existing person. No unnecessary doubles in CRM!

  • Secure way to manage personal information. Secure integration gathers all your event data exactly where you need it the most. No need to download the participant data anywhere!

Event Management integration

This is how it works

Create brand-like event page and event calendar with Eventilla Event Management. Participants register or buy tickets for events on event pages. The participant’s personal information is collected on the registration form and saved to Eventilla. With the Pipedrive integration, this data is then transferred to Pipedrive. As a result, the event organizer can view event participation data in CRM – and see which events the leads, prospects or clients have participated in.

Eventilla for Event Management

Your event,
your brand.

Distinguish yourself from tragic bulk events and offer your audience experiences where every detail, down to your event’s web address, is entirely tailored to your brand. No Eventilla logos, mentions, colors, or fonts anywhere.

  • Brand-like communications. Create an event page and send communications that look like You and Your brand.

  • Manage registrations and payments. Eventilla manages your event’s participation data and also handles the possible payments.

  • Fully GDPR-compliant. Gather together reports and send them forward in a secure way. No more personal data downloaded on your computer!

  • Extensive survey tool. Eventilla Surveys is a broad survey tool that is used in the same UI as Eventilla. Ask for event feedback or maybe even build a personnel survey?

Take your event data where its needed

Other integrations

Take your event data where its needed.


Export leads to the sales system, financial data directly to accounting, prospects to marketing automation, and online payments reliably to your account with just a few clicks.

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