Event Management and Salesforce

Eventilla is an event management service online. By integrating Eventilla with Salesforce you ensure many benefits. Eventilla automates marketing and CRM with event data.

Marketing automation and events

With the Eventilla integration you create seamless marketing and collect all important contacts together. Integration between Eventilla and Salesforce brings your participant data to marketing use and transfers sales leads directly to the right system. All communication is always brand-like and delivered from your company’s own domain. Eventilla extension is easy to take onboard with Salesforce.
  • Automated data transfer to Salesforce system
  • Automated sales leads transfer to CRM
  • Enriched CRM with event data
  • More intelligent marketing automations
  • Targeting based on event participation data
  • Consistent events and communications
  • Seamless participant experience

How will Eventilla make your marketing toolkit more efficient?

By itself, Eventilla offers everything you need for event management: registrations, payments, queue lists, entrance tickets, mobile app and participation certifications – always according to your own brand look.

In addition to this, Eventilla works as the missing piece between event management, CRM, marketing automations and a third party system, such as webinar or financial management system. All data is used and stored, always in the right place!

Events as a part of marketing operations

Integration with Salesforce transfers your event contacts directly to Salesforce, without manual work. Eventilla’s app extension ensures that sales people find their important leads and no contacts are left behind.

Complete your marketing automation funnels, all the way from event invitations to re-marketing. Eventilla’s integration with Salesforce brings your contacts directly to the right system and ensures that communications continue smoothly.

Don’t pay for too many licences – with Eventilla’s integrations you can grant user access for only the needed systems. This way the event workers don’t need to use CRM and sales people can see the event data directly in Salesforce.

Eventilla features

Create successful events for your target audience by utilizing Eventilla’s versatile features.

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More integrations

Eventilla’s integrations make handling financial management, marketing and CRM data easier.

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For developers

Eventilla is a secure cloud based service with modern APIs.

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