Eventsare cumbersome. Usually.

Organize one or hundred events. With our service, you handle everything in record time and stress-free.

100% whitelabel

Your event,
your brand.

Distinguish yourself from tragic bulk events and offer your audience experiences where every detail, down to your event’s web address, is entirely tailored to your brand. No Eventilla logos, mentions, colors, or fonts anywhere.

The entire training process is manageable from one place, and the time spent on manual work has been significantly reduced.

Henna Piirainen Henna PiirainenPOHTO


All digital tools for events available.

Create events in record time

Just a few clicks, and you’re all set!

Event page, registration form, possible ticket fees, event communication and event calendar are ready to be marketed in less than 15 minutes.

Save your favourite events as event templates, to reduce the workload to just a few minutes.

Collect ticket fees or just registrations

Gather participant registrations or sell tickets with an easy-to-use, fully customizable form.

Set and automate e.g.:

  • Ticket sales and payment options
  • Payment button
  • Electronic event ticket with a QR code

Organize communication as needed

Send communication tailored to your style directly from Eventilla. Target, automate, and schedule the following as needed:

  • Inviations
  • Event reminders
  • Thank you messages
  • Feedback surveys
  • Participation certificates

Help and support from your beloved customer support

We ensure that the implementation and use are seamless for your entire team.

We provide personal training for using Eventilla and set up event templates that you can copy for your new event with just one click. Our support chat and email assistance are there to help you quickly.

  • Personal training
  • Customer support in chat and email
  • User-friendly support site

Security that won't cost you your sleep

Manage personal information and generate reports – without any legal concerns.

No more list management through email or spreadsheets. All data and statistics from your events are now at your fingertips,
100% GDPR-compliant.

Search for data and generate reports

All data and statistics from your events are always within reach. No more list management through email or Excel.

Enterprise-class security

Security is at the core of our product development. Personal data is never stored outside the EU, and we are committed to complying with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our service is provided from audited, ISO 27001-certified data centers.

Fully GDPR-compliant

We assist you in handling personal data in accordance with GDPR, from privacy policies to checking one’s own information.

Data anonymization

Perform or schedule participant data anonymization. Only personal information will be removed, ensuring that statistics remain intact.


Take your event data where its needed.


Export leads to the sales system, financial data directly to accounting, prospects to marketing automation, and online payments reliably to your account with just a few clicks.

Shall we make event organizing convenient?

Our customers effortlessly organize amazing events.

When organizing a large virtual event, it is crucial that the quality of the participant experience matches that of an in-person event. A stylish, polished event page and the ease of registration are pivotal in this regard. Additionally, the scheduled communication from @Eventilla was tremendously beneficial, ensuring that all necessary information reached each participant in a timely manner. Never before have we responded to so few inquiries about participation links lost in the depths of email!

Aleksi Helander Aleksi HelanderBusiness Insight Group, Martech Nordic

We organize multiple trainings annually. @Eventilla provides us with an easy-to-use system, saving us time. We especially appreciate Eventilla’s ability to handle events comprehensively. Registrations, certificates, feedback surveys, and customer records are easily manageable. Eventilla is an excellent software.

Anne Hyvönen Anne-Maarit HyvönenKiilto

@Eventilla is a business-critical service for us, enabling us to organize engaging webinars for our prospects and customers. Eventilla allows us to host professional events and webinars with the company’s own look and feel, which is a crucial criterion for us. With Eventilla, we can automate the majority of event-related marketing and communication through various integration options, including LianaAutomation and GotoWebinar.

Mika Tiainen Mika TiainenGrowth and Marketing Director, Liana Technologies

I am happy to recommend @Eventilla for training organizers. The entire training process is manageable from one place, and the time spent on manual work has been significantly reduced.

Henna Piirainen Henna PiirainenPOHTO

@Eventilla is an invaluable aid in implementing our fairly challenging and diverse event process. There’s no need to bang our heads against the wall with poorly functioning solutions when there are specialized and ready-made solutions for events available.

Krista Karusalmi Krista KarusalmiSuomen Ekonomit

I’m glad that we started our collaboration with @Eventilla beneficial. Now, registrations and payments are handled with just a click, and you can maintain a customized appearance. Additionally, tracking those who have paid for their tickets is made convenient.

Kalle KomulainenVauhtipuisto

We organize many trainings each year, and @Eventilla provides us with an easy-to-use and efficient system. Eventilla makes it easy to manage events comprehensively, from registration to communication and customer register management. Eventilla saves a lot of time, and we appreciate its user-friendly operating system.

Nelli Sajakoski Nelli SajakoskiViesti ry

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