Eventilla for event management, RSVP service

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Event web-page

No need for content management systems (CMS), servers or IT-department. Cloud based Eventilla service lets you promote your event and collect registrations and sell tickets. Your event no longer has to look like competition, Eventilla can be adapted to you brand look and feel and is naturally responsive. Put the email registrations and time consuming hassle to the history and use the system your event management people and the attendees like to use – Eventilla.

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Attendee point of view

Your event page is the first impression to the attendee that you try to please. By using Eventilla you make sure that the needs of the attendee are taken care of, weather it is the need to sign up also colleagues or the immediate confirmation email. Also editing ones registration later on has been made as easy us possible. Attendee can share the attendance on the site, navigate to the event location and mobile ticket can not be lost. In the most popular events you can set the waiting list to action. Good service to your high valued attendees.

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Attendance fees and tickets

Sell your various ticket types, and related services easily; VIP-packet, food, booklets, etc. With years of experience from online payments we’re the trusted partner you need. No more invoicing troubles or handling the cash box at the event site. You can focus on the event instead of the money part.

We also provide heavy duty eTicketing systems.

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Invitations and communication

Send invitations and messages straight from the tool. Eventilla integrates with the mighty LianaMailer™ email marketing tool. Emails are responsive, easy to edit with drag’n’drop editor and display images right away on the recipient device, no need to click “show images”. You can reach your attendees not only by email but also with SMS-messages. Stop using your valuable time exporting and importing marketing lists between various tools, use Eventilla.

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Social media

It is easy for the attendees to share your event in social media, if not opted-out by you in admin. Bring social media a part of registration process and set up unified Twitter hashtag from the beginning #nomoreconflicts

Our integration with Google Maps ensures that map and navigation to your event place is available for the attendees.

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How many is attendig? How about the wait-list? Diets and special needs? Delivering the lists to catering?

With Eventilla all these infos and much more is automatically updated and easily exported for example on Excel sheet. The system suits both, heavy professional use and occasional tryouts. Reports can be shared securely and you can modicy easily who sees what and how long.

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What to improve next time? Create and send feedback questionnaires straight from Eventilla. Easy and effortless. You can also re-use  and modify your prior questionnaires. Eventilla also stores the feedback for you and they can be easily exported for further use.

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Did we already mention that we’re fanatic with our customer support? Event management and eTicketing businessess can be very hectic and we understand that. It is vital that technology works and you can get help when needed.

With us your support request is always replied by genuine person. You can reach us via phone, email or online chat. Our ticketing system ensures that no support request can be ever forgotten or ignored. In top of that we are using 24/7/365 system monitoring so that you can fully focus on your event.

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Ticket sales

We can not think of a reason why not to sell tickets directly on your website. Eventilla offers you eTicket websop, mobile tickets and the electronic delivery.

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Event marketing

Send your event invitations, marketing messages and cross selling messages with style. Eventilla is deeply integrated to the best email marketing tool around, the LianaMailer™. System knows who has already registered so they do not get reminders, but you can reach everybody with marketing messages. We offer also heavy duty event websites and marketing automation / customer experience systems.

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Run your own ticket shop

In your own dedicated webshop you are in control of items and visibilities as well as look and feel.  No more competing events and items. Eventilla offers you your own online ticket shop and pays directly to your bank account. Selling tickets online can no be more simple. You are not bound to opening times or physical locations. You are selling tickets online 24/7.

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Who are you actually marketing?

Are you using part of your advertising budget to promote ticket agency? Are you competing over visibility? How benefits from wesite visitors? Social media likes and follows? Cross sales? Uset information and marketing persmissions? It is time to take these valuable assets to your use. With Eventilla you can run your own ticket agancy and embed your ticket sales into your own website. Sell your stuff, promote your events, cross sell and gain social media likes and follows.

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Ticket delivery

Eventilla tickets are delivered to the client at once via email or SMS. you do not require to have physical delivery agencies unless you wish so.

The ticket has all the necessary information including the QR code. There is also editable advertising space in the ticket.

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No expensive agency network

Eventhough you add service fee on top of the ticket price, the total cost is what counts to the client. Do not add unnecessary costs to your ticket prices, but take on Eventilla instead.

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Scan tickets

Our tickets feature QR-codes, that can be verified by our check-in app. One code is valid for single entry, so you do not have to worry about conterfeit or copied tickets. The app also works in offline mode in case the network is busy in your event. Every smart phone you have is a potential check-in device.

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Live report

How many tickets sold? For how much? What’s current head count? How many has come from which entrance point? How many are still not in?

See all these from our App and manage your event the most efficient way possible as you get the unbiased and live info.