Making Events Seamless: QR Code Tickets

QR-koodien lukemista EventillaAppin avulla.

Organizing events can be challenging, but with a functional event management software, it can become easier and more efficient. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how QR codes can be utilized in events. QR code tickets and their automatic delivery make event organization and participation effortless. Our mobile app, EventillaApp, provides a free option for reading these tickets without the need for separate devices. QR codes can also be utilized on-site at the event and in facilitating easy access even before arriving at the venue!

  1. QR Code Tickets: A Quick and Convenient Way to Participate

QR code tickets are an easy and familiar way for participants to join events. Eventilla enables the automatic sending of QR code tickets to participants’ emails immediately after registration or ticket purchase. QR codes are added to messages sent from Eventilla simply through a variable – there’s no need to generate the QR code with a separate tool.. By utilizing QR codes, participants can easily have their tickets on hand and present them from their smartphones upon arrival.

  1. Automatic Delivery: Save Time and Effort

Automating the ticket delivery to participants is recommended. We suggest sending the QR code to participants multiple times so that it is easily accessible when needed. Eventilla allows embedding the QR code directly into the email as an image or linking a separate ticket to the email. Scheduling multiple QR code deliveries at once is also easily done, removing the worry about ticket delivery as the event approaches. By carefully constructing event communication in advance, you can ensure that participants find it easy to attend your event!

  1. Easy Check-in with EventillaApp

The EventillaApp mobile app makes participant check-in easy. The app allows reading QR code tickets with any smartphone equipped with a functional camera. Check-in happens in an instant – no more dealing with slow name lists or paper tickets. Participants checked in through the app also update in real-time on Eventilla’s reports, making it easy to track arrivals, even for those not working at the door. EventillaApp is available for free download on both the App Store and Google Play.

  1. Additional Purchase Information in One QR Code

Sometimes, there are sections within an event that are not included in the basic ticket price. Certain lectures, presentations, or even lunch services may be additional paid sections. All of these can easily be paid for within Eventilla when purchasing a ticket, and information about these additional sections is also printed on the participant’s personalized QR code. This way, separate tickets don’t need to be sent for different sections; for example, those who purchased lunch can have the same ticket scanned at both the restaurant door and the main entrance!

  1. Event Feedback with QR Codes On-Site

Encouraging participants to provide feedback after the event can be challenging. For live events, allowing feedback during the event is advisable. This can easily be achieved by displaying printed QR codes at the event venue; by scanning these codes, participants can directly access the feedback survey. If feedback QR codes are displayed throughout the event, allowing multiple responses is recommended – this way, participants can note their observations as they come.

Looking for a tool for event feedback? Explore Eventilla Surveys!

  1. Utilizing QR Codes for Arrival to the Event Venue

Ensuring effortless arrival at the event should be secured from the moment participants arrive in the event city. QR codes on tickets can be used, for instance, as tickets for public transportation, as was done in an international conference in Turku in the 2022. Participants gave a lot of positive feedback about being able to board local buses without constantly pondering about which app or payment method is used for public transportation in this specific city. Sometimes, it’s these small refined details that are remembered the best!

When aiming to organize high-quality events with effortless participation, a functional event management software makes the overall management easy. This way, event organizers have time to fine-tune even the smallest details!

Explore Eventilla event management and take your events to a new level. QR code tickets, automatic and scheduled delivery, and easy check-in are just the beginning – modern event management awaits you.

Be a pioneer in event organization with Eventilla! 🌟🎉

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